Professional Congress Organizers (PCO)

The recommendation program of Professional Congress Organizers (PCO) by the Convention Bureau - Wrocław was launched in 2020.

The system of recommendations of professional conference and congress organizers (PCO) applies to companies, organizational units without legal personality and natural persons who run a business, which have their headquarters or branch in the city of Wrocław and are specialized in the comprehensive organization and service of conferences and congresses in the capital of Lower Silesia.

The system of recommendations aims to create a proven database of entities that specialize in organizing events and through their recommendation will determine the quality of services, which is extremely important for future conferences, congresses and fairs organizers in Wroclaw, especially for those from abroad.

Below are the companies that have received the Recommendation of the Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) - thank you for building the conference and congress image of Wrocław together!

Certificate for 2022

The company has been present on the Polish market since 2007. The necessary experience and harmonious team allows us to organize the largest medical conferences in the country.

We advise on choosing a place, arrange them, we invite speakers and we also advise with equipment and catering. We also manufacture conference and auxiliary materials.
We create conference scenarios and select the attractions that work best in a given topic.

In our database there are a number of facilities with which we cooperate permanently. We monitor changes in each location on an ongoing basis, so that it takes less time to prepare your offer and takes into account current capabilities. Each offer prepared by us is a comprehensive service.

Certificate for 2022-2023

PowerEvents is more than just an event agency. Our three basic values ​​are Experience, Quality and Detail. Over the past years of activity, we have completed nearly 1,000 events. Our favorite productions are large productions, where we can prepare unique and dedicated solutions, both in terms of scenery and the whole concept. Our area of ​​activities in the organization of events are conferences, company picnics, integration trips, galas, anniversaries, and themed events.

The ideal model for working with the client is mutual cooperation. We listen to the needs and then choose the right tools to achieve this effect. We treat each project individually and with the same commitment, regardless of whether it is an event for 50 or 5,000 people. Thanks to this, we achieve exceptional results in the number of new clients with whom we establish cooperation every year. In 2018, there were as many as 25 and the same result was maintained at the end of 2019. Through such activities, we found ourselves in the Millward Brown report among the 14 best event agencies in Poland for 2018.

Our primary goals are the guarantee of security and peace that we want to provide to each company and person entrusting us with its event. The organization of the event is a very large dose of emotions that appear on both sides and it is very important that it is only a dose of positive ones. We are able to achieve this thanks to cooperation only with proven subcontractors specializing in their field.

Certificate for 2022-2023

SOMA Event Group as a MICE company, together with its Wroclaw-related part, have been present on the Polish market for twelve years. In that time, we have organized hundreds of events - some of them up to 7 thousand participants. We were also engaged with large scale projects, like e.g. European Capital of Culture 2016. We have the knowledge and experience. We know the city and the right people. We do guarantee the success of any of your Wroclaw-related initiative.
Our Team regularly attends the best MICE branch events around Europe to collect inspiration and tools. We realize, we are those, who must lead you to the best solutions. Thanks to our carefully chosen, reliable partners we can provide a wide range of services. This enable us to take care not only of your conference, but also of all other things you may need along. An exciting city-game in the afternoon? Of course! A dinner with artists on a stage, or with sharks floating around a table? Why not! A private hot party till late? Yes! …Or prepared with passion, guided thematical visiting in the town or out of it… We can take You to medieval castles, lakes, caves, air… to the past and to the future. We do it all. We do it well!
Make your next conference in Wroclaw with us – you will not regret!

Certificate for 2021-2022

Our presence on the event market spans nearly twenty years already. In that time span we had the pleasure of working with and for numerous clients, realizing various enterprises. It gave us the chance of developing effective tools for the task we have undertaken.

We are organizing fairs (including stall designing and building), conferences, congresses, conventions, seminars, and business meetings. We provide the necessary equipment and professional service.

Special events are yet another field that we excell in, always taking utmost care to ensure they are efficient tools for building our client’s image in communication not only with the close environment (clients, contractors) but with own employees as well.

It is our pleasure to help realize a special gala or spectacular jubilee party. We have at our disposal extensive experience which guarantees that any event will stay in the memories of Your Guests for a very long time.