Tourism research as a basis for developing a tourism strategy for Wrocław up to 2030


Convention Bureau Tourism Promotion Foundation – Wrocław and the Association of Wrocław Tourist Organisation join forces to carry out tourism research, which will form an important basis for building a tourism strategy for the city of Wrocław up to 2030. The project is planned to be implemented in 2023. The research will cover both city tourism and business tourism, including conference and congress tourism. And they are primarily aimed at examining the behaviour and needs of tourists as well as the city’s residents in the area of tourism.

The research will be conducted among participants and organisers of events in the city in 2023, which will allow to identify, among other things, the typical behaviour of business tourists, both in terms of attending business events and using other tourist attractions during their stay in the city. As part of the project, research is also planned into Wrocław’s tourist image, perception of the city’s attractiveness, identification of the most important tourist assets and evaluation of the city’s information and promotional materials and the symbolism used in them. These surveys will be conducted among the city’s residents. In addition, research is planned into the needs and barriers to the development of entities in the broadly defined tourism industry and the tourism environment (gastronomy, hotels, tourist services, etc.).

The research is being carried out with funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Funding for tourism tasks 2023 – tourism research.
The value of the funding is PLN 120,000.00.

Contract no: 2023/0059/2276/UDOT/DT/BP of 9 June 2023.