"Since the earliest days of antiquity, people have traveled in order to trade and do business in distant markets. Business tourism is composed of all travel for business-related purposes: from small, half-day meetings of a few colleagues, to vast gatherings of several thousand members of the same professional association attending their annual conference for 4 or 5 days. Such meetings help the wheels of business and industry to turn smoothly, enable the exchange of new ideas, and help generate new solutions to the many challenges facing the world today. Trade shows and exhibitions, such as Futurallia, are also part of the huge business tourism industry, bringing together into one city hundreds, sometimes thousands, of exhibitors as well as many more trade show visitors – people interested in buying, or getting information on products and services. For cities – such as Wroclaw, The Meeting Place -  that host conference and trade show events, business tourism is a key part of the local economy, bringing prosperity and employment to a huge range of people,  filling hotels and restaurants, and bringing customers to local shops.

As a vibrant and visually stunning conference destination, Wroclaw is definitely Poland’s undiscovered treasure. Jaded meetings planners – and blazé delegates – will enjoy every minute that they spend in this fascinating city where a rich cultural heritage and 21st century modernity co-exist in a harmonious whole. This is where Central European charm and hospitality go hand-in-hand with the efficiency and professionalism of those who are working hard to put Wroclaw where it deserves to be – firmly on the map of Europe’s top conference destinations. I spend a lot of my time visiting conference destinations all over the world, and I can honestly say that Wroclaw has the venues, the attractions and the hotel accommodation that add up to a real winning formula. Add to this the city’s unique atmosphere, and you can understand that Wroclaw’s future as a successful meeting place is guaranteed."

Rob Davidson
Senior Lecturer in Business Travel & Tourism
University of Westminster (UK)