The 2012 Sport and Environment Seminar

The 2012 Sport and Environment Seminar took place in the principal city of the south-west of Poland on the 1st and 2nd of March, jointly organised with the Polish NOC. The meeting, held under the aegis of the IOC, was chaired by Dr Pal Schmitt (Hungarian NOC), an IOC Member and chair of the IOC Sport and Environment Commission, in the presence of Polish NOC President Andrzej Kraśnicki, there as EOC representative.

During the two days, delegates from 32 European NOCs (among them Albania, Georgia, Serbia, Moldova, Lithuania, Iceland, Armenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Belarus, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, France, Malta, Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Denmark and Poland) all well aware of the importance of defending the environment, a key feature of modern Olympism, heard lectures and discussed the subject at length among themselves, sharing their experience as to their environment and sustainable development programmes, from the particular angle of sport and the organisation of major sports events.

Beside from the formal part of the Seminar guests had a chance to visit new Municipal Stadium in Wrocław, built for EUFA EURO 2012 and Centennial Hall complex, including top multimedia exhibition Discovery Centre. 

Source: The European Olympic Committee