The Fans Together Project

The Fans Together Project was introduced to Host Cities of UEFA EURO 2012™ ant the local Fans Organisations by PL.2012. City of Wroclaw and their local fans association Wielki Slask, and City of Gdansk with their fans organized in Lwy Polnocy group, were the first ones, who decided to take part in this project. Fan project in Wroclaw has started operating at 1st June 2010.

The project is focused on football fans, who are dedicated to their team, but also want to take part in competition with other fans groups. The main premise of the project is a rule that this competition should be based on creating better atmosphere at the stadium, louder singing or showing better choreos, not on humiliating the opponents. We are sure that football is inseparably connected with football fans, who are passionate about the spectacle taking part on the pitch. Polish football fans are among the most enthusiastic and dedicated in Europe. There is a wide group of people, who treat the participation in sports event as something way more significant than just entertainment - they feel the bond with their local communities, local team and stadium. Many football fans want to make use of their passion and energy, focusing them on a spectre of activities outside the Stadium, which will bring positive effects.

In Fans Together office we have created a place, where football fans can bring into life their ideas, contributing to the improvement of image of football fans in Poland, and also encouraging new groups of people to join them in their activities. We are giving young people an opportunity to actively contribute to organizational tasks related to football - while giving them an opportunity to co-operate closely with their friends.

"Fans Together Project" is an initiative based on German fan-projects, which have been successfully conducted for over 30 years. In Germany, teachers, sociologists and social workers work in a close cooperation with leaders of fan movement - acting towards making a creative use of football fascination.

Within two years of work we have created good contacts with different organizations like for example: EURO Office, Social Integration Centre, Local Gallery BWA, Lower Silesian Sports Federation, Lower Silesian Football Association, Football Supporters Europe, and fans organizations in Germany. We have became partners of “Connected by Sport” and “What do You know about UEFA EURO 2012™” projects. And during the UEFA EURO 2012™ Fans Together project was a home of Fans Embassy – providing the information service for all football fans.

The Project is financed by The Municipality of Wrocław. Our partners are WKS Śląsk Wroclaw club, fans association Wielki Śląsk, fans association Klub Kibiców Niepełnosprawnych and Dynamo Dresden Fanproject.

Our main goal is to implement solutions, which will directly increase the level of safety on stadiums and improve the sport level of Polish football and change the image of football fans in Poland.

Our main actions are: