Fan Project 'Supporters United Śląsk Wrocław'

The Supporters United project was created on the initiative of the PL.2012 company, which invited Host Cities of UEFA EURO 2012™ in Poland and local fan associations to participate in an innovative social enterprise.
First, the City of Wrocław and the Association of Supporters Wielki Śląsk, as well as the City of Gdańsk and the Association of Supporters Lwy Północy decided to create centers of the Supporters United.
The Wrocław project started on June 1, 2010.
Project activities are directed to people who are dedicated to their team and at the same time want to actively compete with supporters of other clubs. The basic premise of the project is the principle that rivalry between fans, which determines the color and uniqueness of football, should not consist in physical humiliation of the opponent, but on conducting louder cheering, greater number on away games or a more effective choreo. Most of these behavioral patterns are already part of the culture of Polish supporters, the subject of efforts and reason to be proud.
Supporters United Śląsk Wrocław headquarter is a center for fans where they can meet, discuss and implement all ideas contributing to improving the image of football fans and encouraging an ever wider group to participate in matches. The center does not replace supporters but helps to coordinate activities and the implementation of creative ideas. Project employees strive to create an atmosphere of free discussion and mutual respect.
The Supporters United center is financed from the funds of the Wrocław Commune and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.
The main partners are the WKS Śląsk Wrocław, Supporters Association Wielki Śląsk, Stowarzyszenie Kibiców Wielki Śląsk, Stowarzyszenie Klub Kibiców Niepełnosprawnych, Stadion Wrocław and local schools and NGOs.

Main goals of the project

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