Host Cities’ Volunteers for UEFA EURO 2012™

Host Cities’ Volunteers for UEFA EURO 2012™ was a joint project of four polish Host Cities and PL.2012 (a special company created by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism). Its main goal was to create a nice efficient and professional service for football fans during the UEFA EURO 2012 ™ in the public area.

Convention Bureau - Wrocław from the very beginning (2009) actively supported the concept of the project formation and later, on behalf of the Municipality of Wrocław, pursued its assumptions in 2011-2012.

650 people were recruited for the group of volunteers in Wrocław, all of them completed nearly 400 hours of training. Volunteers were equipped with appropriate services and equipment (such as volunteer uniforms, insurance, food and Volunteer Centre).

Volunteers worked for a period of one month in 67 points throughout the city, they were divided into 8 different task areas. In addition to information for fans and tourists, they also supported medical staff, police and the Municipal Operations Centre. The total number of activity hours was about 25 thousand. The Volunteer Center at that time has used 6,000 meals and about 18,000 bottles of water.

The project proved to be an organizational success, as evidenced by the results of anonymous surveys conducted by PBS studio on behalf of the Municipality of Wroclaw, where almost 90% of respondents expressed a favorable or very positive opinion about the urban volunteers during the UEFA EURO 2012 ™.