DiverCITY4 is an international initiative, as a result of Polish - Norwegian cooperation, dedicated to the creation of modern development solutions in the city. It aims towards identification and implementation of the most effective solutions resulting in the city’s development, as well as to exchange of experiences between the self-governments of Poland, Norway and Iceland.

• Expert workshops under 4 thematic groups (environment, senior policy, accessibility, housing),
• Scientific studies on combating air pollution,
• Focused planned investment on improving air pollution,
• Publications with recommendations and good practices.

The first element of initiative, in the field of creating modern development solutions in the cities, was conducting workshops in four thematic areas: environment, senior policy, accessibility and housing. Three series of workshops took place in days of 12th and 13th December 2019 (workshops on accessibility and housing), 25th and 26th January 2020 (workshops on environment and senior policy), 3rd and 4th March 2020 (workshops on all 4 thematic groups). The day before the conference there is a scheduled meeting to summarise the work done during workshops.

The purpose of workshops was to prepare four-panel session as the main part of the final conference of DiverCITY 4 Project. The effects presented during the panel sessions will be collected and published in form of publication.

The conference itself will take place on 22nd September 2020. During the panel-sessions the summary of the effects of 4 groups of the workshops will be presented. Also, the collected conclusions and proposed actions, related to solving problems contained in four thematic groups, will be presented.