Concordia Design Wrocław

Concordia Design Wroclaw is a private center of design and creativity located in the heart of the city – The Malt Island. Their mission is to prove that everything is designed - not only the product and service, but also the organizational culture, customer service, education, events and business models. In Wrocław, they create a place for creative exchange of thoughts and ideas, because people are at the center of their efforts. Concordia Design Wrocław creates: conference center, business hub, cultural events, bistro and a bar.

Conference Center is a multi-purpose facility, which is ideal for organization of conferences, workshops, banquets, concerts, fairs, business, cultural and social events. Conference spaces hosts events for various sizes of audiences, ranging from several participants up to 1000 people at the same time.

A huge attraction of Concordia Design Wrocław is the open sky terrace with a unique view of the Old Town.


Wyspa Słodowa 7
50-266 Wrocław
mobile: 887-781-286