The second half of 2021 in conference sector

The second half of 2021 in Wrocław was rich in numerous conferences and congresses. It means that the Professional Congress Organizes (PCO) found themselves in this new, pandemic world. Most of the events were organized as hybrid or virtual ones what influence the image of the city as smart and open for new technologies. 

In September the 15th Congress of the European Association of Thermology took place and was organized by the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. It was realized in a virtual format and the main topic was about temperatures in different life areas. 

One of the biggest October conferences was the 43rd European Congress of Cytology, which was held in the Wrocław Congress Center (Centennial Hall Complex). There were around 200 on-site and more than 300 online participants who also took part in hybrid workshops organized with microscopes. During the event, it was also possible to join social events which presented Wrocław as a city with great tourist attractions. 

The next October event was organized in one of the newest Wrocław conference places - in Concordia Design Wrocław on Słodowa Island. The conference interests a lot of people from the business sector, including startups and investors. Experts presentations provided inspiration and indicated new trends in the business world. 

Made in Wrocław is the annual conference organized in the Wrocław Congress Center, but this time it was realized as a hybrid event. The main topic concerned Artificial Intelligence what created great content which also is very inspiring for the business sector. 

In the last days of October, the Water City Congress was held in the Stadium of Wrocław. It was available for on-site and online participants. Together, there were more than 500 registrations, including local government employees from the whole country.

Thanks to that, the knowledge which is so important nowadays, was distributed to the decisive people and probably influence the future in regard to the Congress topics. 

The Stadium of Wrocław hosted also G2 Forum which was talking about geopolitical and economic topics. The main subject applied to issues related to the world after the crisis. The event was under the honorary patronage of the Prime Minister, the Marshal of the Lower Silesia Province, and the President of Wrocław. 

In December, one of the Wrocław Congress Ambassadors prof. dr hab. n. med. Jacek Szepietowski realized the medical conference - Controversy in Dermatology, which was organized in Novotel Wrocław Centrum Hotel. 

We are waiting for the next, 2022 year which will bring even more conferences and congresses to Wrocław. 

Added: 2021-12-30