Summer in the Centennial Hall

The Centennial Hall is widely known for being inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, as well as for various events organized there. The time of the pandemic situation has limited considerably the facility's activities, but the team of the Centennial Hall haven’t rest on their laurels.

The Centennial Hall complex is the place teeming with life. During the summer time, you can enjoy here different cuisines, which can be find in the food court zones on the summer terrace of the Wrocław Congress Center, as well as on the square under the Iglica (in front of the main entrance to the Centennial Hall).

You can find here well-known and popular brands in Wrocław, including Panczo, Pasibus, but also Browar Profesja or Krasnolód offering different flavors every day. In addition, on the terrace of the Wrocław Congress Center, you can try delicacies prepared by their chefs - employees of the Centennial Hall, and admire the multimedia fountain from the lounge chairs.
The Centennial Hall also launched, after several months, the Visitor Center, which in its changed and refreshed form impresses all visitors. You can try here new technologies – like virtual reality, which creates a possibility to observe the Hall from a bird’s eye view. Here, you can find many interesting videos presenting the history of the facility.
Each of the above-mentioned places are safe and adapted to the current sanitary regulations. We recommend visiting the Centennial Hall complex in your free time, it will be definitely not boring! Of course, the spaces of both the Centennial Hall and the Wrocław Congress Center are waiting for event organizers.

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Added: 2020-08-14