Representatives of Foreign POT Centers (ZOPOT) in Wrocław

On November 14-17, Wrocław was visited by the directors of the Foreign Centers of the Polish Tourist Organization (ZOPOT) and the authorities of the Polish Tourist Organization (POT). The aim was a study visit and participation in the POT-LOT-ROT Forum. The offer prepared by the City Promotion Department and Convention Bureau - Wrocław was used by the directors of thirteen Foreign Centers of the Polish Tourist Organization, responsible for the promotion of the inbound tourism to Poland.

They were mainly representatives of Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Moscow, Tokyo, and Kyiv. The meeting of ZOPOTs on November 15 was started by Sergiusz Kmiecik, Chairman of the Wrocław City Council, with words of welcome, addressed to the present participants. The aforementioned meeting took place in the Session Hall of the City Hall, but an equally important element of the visit was the presentation of Wrocław's tourist attractions. The variants guaranteed during the stay in the form of organized tours are:

* ride through the historic part of Wrocław, to the Depot History Center in a historic vehicle called "Cucumber" (Polish "Ogórek"),
* visiting the rest of the city with a guide and using city cars,
* visit in the “Kolejkowo”.

Additionally, during the entire duration of the POT-ROT-LOT Forum, participants had an organized program, including additional attractions and optional trips around Wrocław. Undoubtedly, it was aimed at introducing our guests to the most important and, at the same time, the most valuable attractions of our city. The possibility of direct contact with the city and getting acquainted with its solutions aimed at tourists definitely attracted the attention of our guests, thus contributing to their satisfaction and a positive perception of the city surroundings.

photo: UM Wrocławia and Convention Bureau - Wrocław

"Project co-financed by the ERDF under RPOWD 2014-2020"

Added: 2021-11-18