Professional Incentive Travels Organizers

We would like to announce with a huge pleasure that 3 new companies joined the program of recommended Professional Incentive Travel Organizers, which are dealing with the comprehensive organization and service of incentive events. The recommendation system aims to create a proven database of entities that specialize in the organization of this type of event and, through their recommendation, will determine the quality of services, which is extremely important for future event organizers in Wrocław, especially for those from abroad.

Below, we are presenting 3 companies that are part of the Recommended Program launched by Convention Bureau - Wrocław in 2022:

  • Bissole Business Travel
  • Exploring Events Agency
  • PowerEvents. 
More information about the program and recommended companies can be found on the website: Professional Incentive Travels Organizers 

We would like to send our congratulations and we wish you as many great events as it is only possible! :)

Thank you for jointly building the incentive image of Wrocław.

Added: 2022-04-14