Newly Honoured Congress Ambassadors and Congress Patrons 2020

The program of the Polish Congress Ambassadors is organised collectively by the Polish Tourist Organization along with the Association of Conferences and Congresses in Poland.

The title of the Ambassador of Polish Congresses may be acquired by people actively involved in the promotion of Poland as a convenient place to organise conferences and meetings, thanks to being active within international associations. 

The conditions set to receive such honorary title as Congress Ambassador is gaining at least one international event to be held in Poland, within last 3 years. An additional requirement is to reason the jury the commitment of the candidate towards promoting Poland internationally. However, those activities cannot be a result of a candidate’s professional obligation.

The honouring the Patron of Polish Congresses is a form of recognition as a sponsor which highly supports organised events.

Considering the current epidemiological situation, the voting of the jury of Ambassadors of Polish Congresses took place in form of correspondence voting. Votes which were previously submitted to the Program’s Secretariat (PCB POT) were confirmed during the online meeting on June 2nd, 2020. As a result, out of 31 candidates, 21 new Ambassadors of Polish Congress have been chosen and honoured, as well as four Patrons of Polish Congress. 

Seventeen members of the Ambassadors of Polish Congress took part in the voting:

1. Katarzyna Cioch, President of MAM Medical Association Management

2. Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, President of the Management of Polish Hotel Holding

3. Mateusz Czerwiński, Vice-President of the Warsaw Convention Bureau

4. Paula Fanderowska, CEO of SKKP, Deputy Director of the Krakow Festival Office for the ICE Krakow Congress Centre

5. Michał Fijoł, Board Member of Commercial Affairs at LOT Polish Airlines

6. Dr hab. Anna Kalinowska-Żeleźnik, Deputy Dean for Education, Faculty of Social Sciences at Gdansk University

7. Aneta Książek, Head of Section at Poland Convention Bureau - Polish Tourism Organisation, Secretary of the jury of Ambassadors of Polish Congresses

8. Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof A. Makowski, Faculty of History, University of Adam Mickiewicz

9. Prof. dr hab. n. med. Bohdan Maruszewski, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Institute ‘Memorial- Center of Child’s Helath’

10. Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Mikulski, Institute of History and Archival Sciences, Faculty of Historical Sciences of The Nicolaus Copernicus University,

11. Prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Modelski, Institute of Radio-electronics and Multimedia of Technology

12. Alicja Omięcka, President of the Board Energa Centrum Usług Wspólnych Sp z.o.o.

13. Prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Pawełczyk, Deputy Rector for Science and Development, Silesian University of Technology, Chairman of the jury of ACP Program 

14. Agnieszka Szymerowska, President Convention Bureau Wrocław

15. Ireneusz Węgłowski, President of the Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry 

16. Tomasz Zjawiony, President of Commerce in Katowice

17. Sabrina Żymierska, Member of the SKKP Board, Director of the Congress and Even Facilities, MTP Group,

On the day of 3rd June 2020 the online meeting was held. The participants were prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Pawełczyk, the Chairman of the jury of the Ambassadors of Polish Congresses, and representatives of the Ambassadors of Polish Congress Programme - Paula Fanderowska, Aneta Książek and Sabrina Żymierska.

The title of Patron of Polish Congresses was received by:

1. FX Ekspert Marcin Wenus ( Investment Portal)

2. Novartis Poland Sp. z o. o.

3. Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o.

4. PKN Orlen SA

The title of Ambasador of Polish Congresses was received by:

1. dr n. med. Szymon Bakalczuk, Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lubin

2. prof. dr hab. Natalia Bloch, Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology, University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

3. dr Krzysztof Celuch, Faculty of Management, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń / Warsaw School of Tourism and Hotel Management Vistula

4. prof. dr hab. Artur Jarmołowski, University of Adam Mickiewicz

5. mgr inż. Jan Kawaler, Polish Association of Postal Pigeon Breeders

6. prof. dr hab. Tomasz Tadeusz Koncewicz, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdańsk

7. prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Kowalewski, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences

8. prof. dr hab. inż. Mieczysław Kuczma, Poznan University of Technology

9. prof. dr hab. n. farm. Michał Markuszewski, Medical University of Gdansk

10. prof. dr hab. n. med. Maria Mazurkiewicz-Bełdzińska, Department of Neurology, Medical University of Gdansk

11. prof. dr hab. n. med. Marta Misiuk – Hojło, Department and Ophthalmology Clinic of the Medical University of Wroclaw

12. mgr inż. Sławomir Olejnik, Polish Innovative Foundation

13. prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Pacyna, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

14. mgr Paweł Panczyj, Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL)

15. prof. dr hab. Jan Pomorski, Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

16. prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Richter, 1st Department of General Surgery, Jagiellonian University Medical College

17. mgr Dariusz Starowicz, StarComp Dariusz Starowicz / Invest Cuffs Foundation

18. dr hab. Piotr Sula, University of Wroclaw

19. prof. dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Urbanek, Clinic of General Surgery, Vascular Surgery Angiology and Phlebology, Medical University in Katowice,

20. prof. dr hab. inż. Adam Weintrit, Gdynia Maritime University

21. prof. dr hab. inż. Włodzimierz Zieniutycz, Gdansk University of Technology

If the epidemiological situation will allow that, the official meeting with the newly selected Ambassadors and Patrons will take place on October 7th, 2020, during the Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors at the Musical Theatre of Danuta Baduszkowa in Gdynia. 

Added: 2020-06-16