National Support Program - a new tool for the Meetings Industry!

LOT Polish Airlines and the Polish Tourism Organization during Monday Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors in Katowice announced the implementation of a project aimed at supporting Polish Congress Ambassadors who cooperate with convention offices in acquiring international events like congresses, conferences or fairs for our country. The PLL LOT project is associated with the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program, which is created by the Polish Tourism Organization, the Poland Convention Bureau POT and the Polish Conference and Congress Association.
This program will enable active representatives of the world of science, culture, sport, business and other environments, including above all the Congress Ambassadors, to get airline tickets for the connections of the national carrier so that they will be able to reach decision-makers in the organization of international events and convince them to organize the event in Poland. One of the most important issues when deciding on the location of a conference or congress (apart from the possibilities of a conference venue or accommodation facilities) is the infrastructure and transport accessibility of the destination. Thanks to the program, LOT also wants to present possibilities of individual airports in Poland with the main hub in Warsaw. An additional advantage of the program will be both the promotion of Poland and regions for which events will be acquired.
Closer cooperation between organizations has a positive effect on the entire meetings industry and results in more effective activities in acquiring various international events for Poland.

Added: 2019-10-28