Development of the Hotel Industry in Wrocław

Every year the number of hotels in Wrocław is increasing and in the next few years it is expected that 7 new hotels will appear in the city.  It is predicted that in 2019 new three 5-star and 4-star standard hotels will be open. At the end of the year, the Wrocław hotel base can enhance to 397 new rooms. In this case, the general amount of hotel rooms in Wrocław can reach about 5 630 rooms.

In August this year, the second hotel in Poland of brand MGallery by Sofitel, belonging to Accor Hotels, will welcome its first guests. The full name of hotel is The Bridge Wrocław – MGallery – a 5-star luxury object which is located in the heart of Wrocław – the Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski). The hotel has been built from autumn 2016 and by now the last preparations for opening are lasting. At The Bridge 184 rooms will be available, as well as a restaurant, a ballroom, conference rooms, an underground parking lot and a SPA centre. The object possesses business facilities such as 4 conference rooms with the maximum number of banquet participants of 336 people.

Another prestigious opening at the hotel map is Best Western Premier Hotel City Center. The hotel will be located at the Gwarna Street, closely to the Main Railway Station. The welcoming first guests is expected in the second half of this year. Best Western Premier Hotel City Center will be a 4-star condo hotel which will operate 64 rooms, 2 conference rooms, a restaurant, fitness area and 2 saunas. Also, the object embodied in reality the interesting idea – 24 two-story rooms.

The Hotel Korona is also planning to open in the 2019. It arises in the building at Oławska Street, just at the entrance to the Market Square. The exact date of opening and details concerning room facilities will be announced in the nearest future.

The opening of DB Hotel is also planned for this year. It is a condo hotel at the Strzegomska Street. According to the information on the investor’s website, the hotel will have approximately 140 rooms and apartments, a congress centre, a restaurant, an underground parking lot and a fitness club.

In 2020, we expect the construction of other unique objects on the map of Wrocław. One of them will be the Altus Palace Hotel. It will be a five-star hotel which is being built in the former Leipziger Palace at the Wierzbowa Street. At the moment, the renovation of the facility is underway and, according to the plan, in the next year guests will have the chance to stay in this unique place. The hotel planning to have 91 rooms, conference facilities, a restaurant with a bar and SPA area.

The next hotel with the predicted date of opening in 2020 is Hotel Indigo at the Kościuszki Street 14. There are already 2 objects of this brand in Poland - in Warsaw and Kraków. The Indigo brand is known for its individual approach to the redevelopment of facilities in high-class boutique hotels. Each hotel is built with the consideration of local character of the city, which proves its uniqueness. We looking forward to the details concerning the hotel.

At the end of 2020, the hotel Castellum Klasztor is planned to open. At the Włodkowica Street, the former monastery has been for years. Recently, it was bought by the Castellum Company which specialises in the comprehensive renovation and preservation of monuments. The reconstruction started in spring 2019 and we expect that at the end of next year it will appear on the map of Wrocław. It is predicted that hotel will have 66 rooms and each will be in different manner. There are also plans for a cafe or wine bar and a baroque garden. According to the assumption of the company, the main characteristic of the object will be its climate and atmosphere.

The opening of the largest object of Q Hotel chain is planned for 2021. It is expected that Q Hotel Plus will be a 4-star hotel built at Bielany Wrocławskie. Which is located in the Special Economic Zone. The facility foresees: 209 double rooms, 4 conference rooms, a ballroom, 2 restaurants and a relaxation centre offering - 3 treatment rooms, a sauna and a fitness room.

The Hotel Grand is still under reconstruction on the corner of Piłsudskiego and Kołłątaja Streets. Renovation of this historic building, which has been in existence for over 100 years, is lasting from 2017. The planned completion of works is at the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022. According to the plans, the hotel should be similar to the one from before 1945. The expected 4-star hotel will be more spacious than previously and will contain 172 rooms, a conference room, a cafe, a SPA and a lobby on the ground floor, as well as an underground parking lot. It is also planned to open a SkyBar on the rooftop of the building with a view on the Main Railway Station. We hope the renovation will be completed as soon as possible.

In 2022, the opening of Vienna House Easy hotel is expected. The object will be built by the Austrian hotel group. It is planned that the hotel will have 236 rooms and 4 suites, a 360 m² conference centre, a fitness zone, an underground car park, a restaurant and a massage parlour. The hotel will be located at Sienkiewicza Street, close to the Botanical Garden and will be performed in the smart casual style.

There are announcements and plans for building a hotel by the Genfer group at the Orląt Lwowskich Square. Also, the reconstruction of the historic building at Nankiera Street is still lasting, where a 4-star hotel was planned.

In the next few years, the KLASZTOR hotel is expected to open, operated by the Arche Hotel Group. The hotel building will be the reconstruction of the former historic monastery at Kasprowicza Street. Arche Hotel Klasztor will have 83 rooms, a restaurant and 3 conference rooms. In addition, it is planned to erect a SPA area with a swimming pool, massage and rehabilitation room, a gym and a multi-functional room for children.

As we can see, it is expected that many new hotels will be open in the nearest future. Each object considering to be dissimilar, which allows to meet needs of the different groups of guests.  The opening of new hotels fortifies business and conference capabilities, which in turn supports the development of business tourism in our city.

Source: official hotel websites, press releases from portals, E-Hotelarz, Gazeta Wrocławska, tuWrocław, Horeca ; The official portal of Wrocław and own sources (direct contact with the hotels)

Added: 2019-07-18