Magdalena Piasecka, Hydropolis and the World Games 2017 Opening Ceremony with MP Power Awards!

It was a great evening for nominees from Wrocław! MP Power Awards are organized by and the aim of the competition is to highlight the best events and projects related to event marketing as well as to indicate places with special event potential and to distinguish personalities and meetings industry experts.

Magdalena Piasecka, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław won the Award in the MP Power 12 plebiscite in open category. MP Power 12 is a plebiscite in which the experts and personalities of the MICE industry are honored, people who have a significant impact on the shape and development of the market in a given year.

Hydropolis won the prize in the MP Power Venue contest in unique venue category. 

A special MP Power Award was given to the World Games 2017 Opening Ceremony. Conducted jointly by the City of Wrocław, Walk agency and Wrocław Organizing Committee – The World Games 2017 at the Wrocław Stadium in July 2017.

Congratulations to all winners!

The full list of winners is available on the organizer's website:

Added: 2018-03-26