The Craft Beer Flying Festival

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The Craft Beer Flying Festival

The Craft Beer Flying Festival is not only for craft beer enthusiasts but also for anyone who wants to embark on their journey with craft beer. Its mission is to educate and promote good beer, allowing as many people as possible to discover and appreciate the diversity of flavors and styles of this beverage.

Openness and education are key values of this festival, contributing to its success. The high attendance of visitors and the media attention the event receives confirm that the festival is highly sought after and well-regarded.

The Craft Beer Flying Festival offers not only excellent craft beers but also numerous attractions and a rich cultural program. It is an event that attracts a diverse audience, open to new experiences and eager to explore the world of craft beer.

Thanks to this initiative, more and more people can discover the fascinating world of craft brewing and taste unique and exceptional beers. The Craft Beer Flying Festival is not just an opportunity for tastings but also an inspiring experience that contributes to the development of the craft beer culture.


01 - 03 Sep 2023


All Day


Hala Stulecia
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