Męskie Granie 2024 in Wrocław

Męskie Granie 2024 in Wrocław

Męskie Granie is one of the most anticipated music events in Poland, and in 2024 it will once again return to Wrocław. This unique musical celebration attracts thousands of fans, offering exceptional concerts that blend various musical genres and showcase the most interesting artists on the Polish music scene.

Date and Location

The Męskie Granie 2024 concert in Wrocław will take place in a picturesque setting that perfectly complements the energetic atmosphere of the event. Known for its rich cultural and artistic offerings, Wrocław is an excellent location for such an event.


This year’s edition of Męskie Granie in Wrocław promises to be incredibly exciting. On stage, we will see both renowned veterans and young talents who are gaining increasing popularity. Here are some of the artists who will perform in the capital of Lower Silesia:

  • Dawid Podsiadło – One of the most popular Polish singers, whose concerts always draw crowds. His emotional lyrics and charismatic stage performances guarantee unforgettable experiences.
  • Krzysztof Zalewski – An artist with incredible stage energy who skillfully combines different musical styles, from rock to pop. His concerts are a true musical feast.
  • Mrozu – A Wrocław musician whose hits regularly top the charts. His dynamic stage performances are always full of passion and energy.
  • Brodka – An artist whose experimental approach to music and unique style make each of her concerts exceptional and unrepeatable.

Atmosphere and Experience

Męskie Granie is not just about concerts but also about the unique atmosphere that brings music lovers together from all over the country. Wrocław, with its hospitality and cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for this musical event. Participants can expect unforgettable experiences, full of musical emotions and memorable moments.


Męskie Granie 2024 in Wrocław is an event not to be missed. With a diverse lineup of artists and a unique atmosphere, there is something for everyone. Although tickets for this extraordinary musical celebration are already sold out, it is worth following concert reports and staying updated on future editions. Once again, Wrocław proves to be one of the most important points on the map of Polish musical culture.

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02 - 03 Aug 2024


All Day
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