Kwiat Jabłoni

Kwiat Jabłoni

Even though Kwiat Jabłoni is a relatively young duo on the polish music scene it already managed to steal the hearts of the younger generation. They wrote in a letter to their fans, that they are currently working on a new album, which they hope they can perform live.

Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz have already released two very successful albums. “Niemożliwe” from 2019th has quickly reached double platinum status, and their second album called “Mogło być nic” from 2021st has reached platinum status after only four months. In 2022 they also released an album in cooperation with Warsaw Uprising Museum, “Kwiat Jabłoni i Goście: Wolne Serca” contains 10 covers which have moulded several polish generations and have one thing in common – love for freedom.


08 Nov 2023


All Day


Hala Stulecia
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