Anime Sympho-Show

Anime Sympho-Show

Anime are cartoons straight from Japan. The pop culture that has grown up around them is quite big. Great looking animation, amazing voice acting and so much choice for everyone makes fans from all over the world remember and eventually return to the stories they present countless times. But it’s often also thanks to the openings and endings.

This January you can add to your New Year’s resolutions an interest in anime pop culture or at least try to watch some of it. But you have to start somewhere, so music can be a good place to do it, and an Anime Sympho-Show concert can be a good place for the beginning of such an unusual journey through this genre.

The concert will be played by the “38 Samurai” orchestra. This is a separate project of the “Lords of the Sound” orchestra, which will also delight fans of the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy with its great audio-visual performance a day earlier, and the next day they will play for us hits from great classic and timeless anime series, such as One Piece, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. However, there will also be hits from newer animations, even ones from the last few years, such as Oshi no Ko, Attack on Titan, Bestars and One Punch Man.


19 Jan 2024


All Day


Hala Orbita
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