57th Jazz on the Odra

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The first concert will be the performance of the Marcin Pater Trio, winner of the Grand Prix in the Jazz Individuality 2020 competition. The band's work, which delighted the competition jury, combines broadly understood jazz music with elements of rock. The vibraphone as the leading instrument gives originality and freshness to the sound of the group, and their music is primarily the original songs of the band's leader, full of emotions and boundless energy. However, the musicians will not only appear on stage in three. The new tradition of the Jazz Individuality competition is the cooperation of the Grand Prix winner with the festival's artistic director the following year. Musicians from the Marcin Pater Trio will take advantage of this opportunity and on the first day of the festival we will see them in a joint performance with Leszek Możdżer.

WWW: https://jazznadodra.pl/en/57th-jno-programme/