XIII National Conference on Electronic Technology ELTE2019 and 43rd IMAPS Poland Conference

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The ELTE2019 conference will address topics related to micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics, electronics and electrical materials. During IMAPS, participants will talk about layered technologies, modeling, designing and simulation of structures, layered elements and systems, modern multi-layer multichip technologies, electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal characterization of layered structures and systems, assembly in electronics, microsystems and photonics, sensors thin and thick layers, quality and reliability of layered structures and assembly processes, and education in electronics.

WWW: http://konferencje.pwr.edu.pl/konferencje/kalendarz-konferencji/xiii-krajowa-konferencja-technologia-elektronowa-elte2019-i-43rd-imaps-poland-conference-136.html