30th Wrocław Good Books Fair

30th Wrocław Good Books Fair

The Wrocław Good Books Fair has been held since 1992 – first as the Meetings of Good Book Publishers – which were held in several cities, including Gdansk, Cracow and Warsaw. Initially, the organization of the event in Wroclaw was handled by the Publishing House of the Ossoliński National Institute, then by the Lower Silesia Publishing House. The organizers changed, but so did the location of the event; first it was the building of the Wroclaw Opera House, then the Town Hall. The meetings survived only in the capital of Lower Silesia, changing their name first to Wrocław Promotions of Good Books, and in 2013 to Wrocław Fair of Good Books. Until 2015, the organizer of the Fair was the Municipal Public Library; in 2016, the Wrocław House of Literature took over the care of the event (as well as the Good Pages Book Fair for Children and Young People). In 2019, WTDK merged with the Good Pages Fair to form a single December event. As of 2022, the operator of WTDK is the Halo Fair Foundation.


01 - 04 Dec 2022


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