Accessibility declaration

The Convention Bureau – Wrocław undertakes to ensure availability of its website in accordance to the provisions of the digital availability of websites and mobile applications of public entities act from the 4th of April 2019 (Dz. U. poz. 848 with later amendments). The statement of availability applies to the website of Convention Bureau - Wrocław.

Legal compliance

The website complies with the digital availability of websites and mobile applications of public entities act.

Drafting of the availability declaration

The declaration was made on the day: 12.09.2022

The declaration has been last reviewed and updated on the day: 12.09.2022

The declaration was made basing on a public body self-assessment.

Keyboard shortcuts and accessibility

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Feedback and contact details

We continue to ensuring that our website meets the highest availability standards – if you have any remarks, please let us know.

Person responsible for contact and reviewing remarks:

Wikotria Król-Cieciorowska

71 347 51 88

Anybody has the right to:

  • submit complaints concerning digital availability of the website or one of its components,
  • submit inquiries to ensure digital availability of the website or one of its components,
  • submit inquiries to make an unavailable information available in another form.

The inquiry must have:

  • contact details of the person submitting the inquiry,
  • specification of the website or its element to which the inquiry applies,
  • specification of the form in which the information must be made available if the inquiry is about making unavailable information available in another form.

Inquiries should be processed immediately, no later than within 7 days. If the requested availability cannot be ensured within this period, it should be ensured no later than 2 months from the day on which the request has been submitted.


Complaints and appeals

Should these time limits not be respected, this fact may become subject of complaint to the Polish Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

The seat of the Convention Bureau – Wrocław is in Wrocław, located at 1, Wystawowa str. in Wrocław, is partly adapted to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.


The seat is located in the IASE building.

The building is partially available to wheelchair users, as well as to parents with strollers.

Most of halls, doors and corridors available to the public are spacious and their dimensions meet the requirements of wheelchair users.

Information about the layout of rooms inside the building is provided in a virtual walk of the building published on the IASE website:

Most of building entrances are located on the ground floor with no stairs. The main entrance has one step but there is a dedicated platform, which is available on demand, and it gives possibility to use the main entrance as well. There are no high-contrast signs for persons with visual impairment.

Security of the IASE:

The security officers’ booth is situated next to the main entrance.

Elevator in the IASE

Next to the main entrance there is a lift for wheelchair users and parents with strollers. The alarm button is marked with an embossed bell symbol.

Sanitary facilities in the IASE:

Toilets for persons with physical disabilities are located in the main hall of the building, on the ground floor. There are features to accommodate persons with disabilities, such as grab bars, adjusted height of wash basins, etc. The restrooms are marked in a standard way. They have enough clear floor space, as well as space for lateral transfer.

Parking spaces

The parking lot of the IASE has 2 spaces for people with disabilities. These are located next to the communication lanes.

The parking is free of charge for Convention Bureau – Wrocław guests. Entrance from Wróblewskiego street.

Information about the right to enter with assistance dogs.

The buildings and all their rooms may be accessed by people accompanied by an assistance dog or guide dog. This accessibility does not relieve the guardian of the dog from liability for any damages caused by the dog. Assistance dogs do not have to wear a muzzle.

Assistance in passing larger barriers in a given building

If you wish to access places with barriers that demand assistance, call the phone number