Framework Agreement for continuation of Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub in Wrocław signed

We are pleased to announce that the Mayor of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz and President of Academia Europaea, Professor Sierd Cloetingh on 7 March 2017 signed the official Framework Agreement for Continuation of Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub in Wrocław. It will enable the implementation of the program including number of projects and, as a consequence, will contribute to creating conditions for the development of Wrocław as an international academic center.

Academia Europaea, founded in 1988, is a non-governmental association that brings together scientists and scholars, mostly from Europe but also from the other regions of the world. It aims to promote knowledge, science and research. It brings together more than 3,500 members (including 72 laureates of the prestigious Nobel Prize). It is the largest organization of its kind in Europe. Academia Europaea gathers leading researchers in such fields as social sciences, humanities, economic, biological, mathematics and physics. In addition since 1993 on behalf of members and in conjunction with the Cambridge University Press Academia Europaea quarterly publishes peer reviewed and international journal European Review. The headquarters of the Academia is located in London, England.


The Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub was opened in 2011 in the Heart of the City Center (13, Market Square) as the first regional office of the Academia.

The main objective of this regional office is the promotion of Wrocław while increasing its competitiveness in science by:

   -   Promotion of Wrocław as a dynamic scientific center,
   -   Mobilization and internationalization of the local academic institutions and universities,
   -   Presentation of Wrocław academic research institutions in Europe,
   -   Establishment and consolidation of relations between foreign and local researchers,
   -   Organizing and coordinating conferences, symposia, lectures and seminars,
   -   Presentation of Wrocław and the region at international scientific conferences.

Added: 2017-03-14