44th Congress of Polish Physicists

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The Congress of Polish Physicists is a biannual meeting which integrates the society of Polish physicists, involved in both scientific research and education. The event has a rich history – the first Congress was held in 1923 and since then it has been organized in various cities in Poland by local branches of the Polish Physical Society. This year’s 44th Congress will take place on 10-15 September, at the Congress Centre of Wrocław University of Science and Technology and will be co-organized by the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the University of Wrocław and the Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research. The Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland, and the Mayor of Wrocław agreed to assume the honorary patronage over the event. The Congress is a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between various groups of physicists-researchers, which allows them to broaden the perspective and start new collaborations. There is also a strong emphasis on participation of physicists-teachers - a special session devoted to the methodology of education and promotion of science will be organized. The recent achievements of Polish physicists are presented to a broad audience during the Congress. The lectures are delivered by, i.a., two of the most highly cited Polish physicists (both of whom currently work abroad), discoverers (who made the biggest scientific discoveries in 2015-2016, i.a. the discovery of gravitational waves), laureates of the most important Polish scientific awards (e.g. the Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science), outstanding researchers and promotors of science, representing all physical research fields which are pursued in Poland. Beside the distinguished Polish physicists, the plenary lectures will be given by invited guests from abroad, including two Nobel Laureates (Theodor W. Hänsch  - Nobel 2015 and Shūji Nakamura – Nobel 2014). The plenary sessions will be accompanied by dozens of specialized thematic sessions. Around 600 participants, representatives of scientific and education institutions, are expected to take part in them.

WWW: http://44zfp.pwr.edu.pl/